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East High School

(updated 07/01/2017)

Community Education is the point of contact for individuals and organizations who wish to reserve school facilities for meetings and events outside regular school hours.


As a condition of using a school building, all renters are required to sign a Group Representative Responsibility & Hold Harmless Agreement; in certain instances, Liability Insurance also is required.

Rental fees may apply, depending upon the type of activity and group classification (e.g., District-related, non-profit, or for-profit).  For Fee Schedule information, please CLICK HERE.  Outstanding rental balances may result in a usage request being declined.

Certain rentals require a deposit, as outlined in the Fee Schedule.  Rental deposits are due 5 business days after the Permit/Invoice is sent.  Event changes and/or cancellations require 1 business day advance notice; change/cancellation fees may apply, billed at 20% of rental cost (including custodial charges).


If you would like to reserve a building, please review our Expectations of Users and complete the form below.  A member of the Community Education staff will contact you with further details.

NOTE: if your form was submitted successfully, you will receive an automatic email notification.  If you do NOT receive that notification, please contact Community Education to confirm your request was received.


  • Indicate the SCHOOL you would like to reserve.

    If you do not know which school you need or if you need multiple locations, please select "OTHER" and provide more information (area of town desired, etc.) in the EVENT DESCRIPTION field.

  • Add a new row
    Indicate the SPECIFIC ROOMS you need for your event.

    If you are requesting multiple rooms, add a new line (hit the + button) for each room.

  • Add a new row
    List the EXACT DATES, DAYS OF THE WEEK, and HOURS you are requesting the building, including earliest entrance/set-up time and last exit/tear-down time.

    If you are requesting multiple dates, add a new line (hit the + button) for each date.

  • Add a new row
  • Add a new row
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  • Please provide as much detail as possible (including league name, pack/troop number, etc.).
  • If Yes, you may be asked to submit a copy of your IRS 501(c)3 confirmation letter.
  • **You will be contacted by Community Education staff if a Certificate of Liability Insurance is required for your activity.
  • Please upload the signed Group Representative Responsibility & Hold Harmless form. If you would like to also upload a Certificate of Liability Insurance at this time, please do so.
    Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, pdf.
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